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Subject: The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan

Written By: star500 on 02/07/06 at 11:41 am

Has anyone ever seen this movie? It is a really good movie, a time travel movie, along the lines of Somewhere in Time. It has Lindsay Wagner and Marc Singer on it. It is about a married woman who moves into a Victorian house and finds a dress in her attic and tries it on and then gets transported back in time to the Victorian era. She enjoys going back in time and finds out an artist owns the house she lives in now and that he died under mysterious circumstances. She eventually meets him and falls in love with him and is torn between two worlds, hence the title. She has to choose which world she wants to live in--the past or the present. I won't spoil the end by telling you what she chooses.

The only problem I have with this movie is it is almost impossible to find on DVD or VHS! My mom was just lucky. She went to a video wharehouse years ago and picked it up on VHS because she saw it on TV in the '70s and knew it was a good movie. To anyone who hasn't seen it and are reading my description and thinking, man I'd like to see that movie, good luck finding it! There are a few copies of it on Ebay, but not many and only one copy is a DVD.

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