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Subject: Late 70's Ontario, Canada greats

Written By: fishryc on 10/13/06 at 6:30 pm

Although I'm Stateside, I'm on the Ontario border and we had a few great bands based in Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the very late 1970's (and into the 80's) that we would travel often to check out live. Namely:    "Diodes"    "Demics"  "Blue Peter"  "Frankie Venom and Teenage Head"    "Nash The Slash"  And, an awesome Hungarian transplant, the LATE GREAT "BB GABOR" {"Nyet Nyet Soviet, Soviet Jewelery", "Metropolitan Life", "Laser Love", etc). Saw Mr. Gabor many, many times.... once in Thorold Civic Arena, a hockey rink with an intimate audience of about 200.
Has anyone else has gotten as much enjoyment as I from these greats?

Subject: Re: Late 70's Ontario, Canada greats

Written By: whistledog on 10/13/06 at 7:04 pm

I know of all those artists, but I don't really know much about the Demics other than they are from Ontario.  Teenage Head (also known as Teenage Heads) and Nash the Slash are two of my favourites. 

Teenage Head were known as the Ramones of Canada.  They had a few popular hits in the early 80s

Nash was a founding member of the Progressive rock band FM.  They had a brief run of popular hits in the mid-late 80s, most notable the Top 40 "Just Like You" which was just awesome, and I still love it! :)

B.B. Gabor (like quite a few new wave Canadian singers) was actually born Internationally, but moved to Canada.  "Nyet, Nyet, Soviet" (in 1980) was his only hit.  He committed suicide in 1990

Blue Peter were also one hit wonders with "Don't Walk Past" in 1983

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