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Subject: Vision On

Written By: namilliron on 01/21/07 at 6:33 pm

Anybody remember this one-of-a-kind British kids show from the early 1970s?  I sure do.

Subject: Re: Vision On

Written By: Foo Bar on 01/22/07 at 9:48 pm

Great.  20 years to get Al Hirt's Java out of my mind... and now it's back and won't go away.  I feel compelled to scrawl "Vision on" in cursive script, place a mirror upon the line upon which I've written the text, and rotate the result 90 degrees clockwise (in Photoshop), or merely place my line of sight parallel to the mirror, and thereby reveal the bug-eyed critter that's puzzled Great Cthulhu and the Flying Spaghetti Monster since time immemoria.

And would you believe there's even a forum (accessible from the website linked to from above) dedicated to the show, with references to all the music.

My brain, I can feel it succumbing to His Cursive Appengage as I type.  I fear I'm not long for this world.  Boingy, boingy, boingy!

Subject: Re: Vision On

Written By: karen on 01/25/07 at 8:24 am

The music they used to play during the art gallery part is used on a childrens art programme that's currently showing in the UK.  I thought I was dreaming when I heard it the other day.

I probably only watched the last series or so of Vision On.  I remember Take Hart much more

Subject: Re: Vision On

Written By: Gis on 01/25/07 at 10:41 am

Loved it, good old Tony Hart.

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