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Subject: imagination doll house

Written By: 7o's chick on 06/24/07 at 9:29 am

I was just wondering if any one out there had an "Imagination Doll House"?  The rooms were made out of clear plastic in many colors and you could stack them any way you wanted.  It came with a lot of furniture and little people who were plain skin colored plastic, one set standing and some sitting so you could put them in the chairs etc.  The furniture was all "modern" like sqaure chairs and avacado green and harvest gold colors.  I probably got it for Christmas around 1970 or so I'm not sure.  I think it might be made by Kenner.  I have been looking through a lot of web sites that advertise old vintage toys and have not been able to find any information on it.  Although it has been fun finding a lot of other old toys that I still have or had when I was little.  It has brought back many memories.  Like the pink Super Stuff that had the really distinct smell.  I had completely forgotten about that stuff but just reading about it brought the memory back like it was yesterday!!  Oh to be back in the 70's again!!  We  had such a great childhood without all the technologies of today. We made a lot out of a little back then and didn't need a lot of toys to keep us busy.  I didn't probably ever use the word bored back then and probably wouldn't have known what it even meant if I had heard someone say it.

Subject: Re: imagination doll house

Written By: lorac61469 on 06/24/07 at 11:11 am

I love the toys I had as a kid but I wasn't lucky enough to have this!!

It was made by Marx...

There are a bunch of photos here...

Subject: Re: imagination doll house

Written By: 7o's chick on 06/24/07 at 5:17 pm

Thanks for replying!! That is exactly my doll house.  The pics of the furniture is exactly the set I have. Thanks so much for the info on Marx. As I said before, I was unable to locate it anywhere on the web.

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