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Subject: Anyone know this 70's programme???

Written By: Staryeyed on 01/02/08 at 5:43 am

Does anyone remember a programme in the 70's featuring a young boy with deep blue eyes & lived under the leaves,it was scary at the time,as i was only about 5yrs old & all i can recall is the wind would blow the leaves & this boy would appear with these scary blue eyes! I even had to run over to my great grans & watch it on her black & white Tv because his eyes were so creepy.

I would be really pleased if someone would remember,as i have asked loads of people & they just look at me stupid,& I know i did'nt dream it up. i'm not sure but i seem to have the name sky in my head relating to this programme,not sure if it may have been his name!! THIS HAS BEEN BUGGING THE HELL OUT OF ME FOR YEARS,SO PLEASE,PLEASE,IF YOU KNOW THEN TELL ME!

Bye 4 now!!

Subject: Re: Anyone know this 70's programme???

Written By: Henk on 01/02/08 at 1:24 pm

This is just a wild guess on my side...

There's a 1966 movie called "Maya", featuring a blue-eyed boy. It sorta fits your description. Apparently, the film was followed by a tv series. It could be you're remembering (one particular scene of) the series... The series aired in 1966/67, but there might have been a rerun (or reruns) in the 1970s, I don't know. :-\\ might wanna check out the user comments to see if it rings any bells.

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