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Subject: Convenience store microvable sandwich of yore

Written By: Obbop on 11/07/08 at 8:25 pm

In the later 1979s and all or part of the 1980s I recall a particular microwavable sandwich available at convenience stores, truck stops and other places where a refrigerated case contained the various sandwich types and a microwave was on the counter allowing the customer to heat and eat the critter.

One of the more common names for the particular sandwich I remember was "Longhorn."

Don't remember the manufacturer.

Across the USA, the manufacturer varied in various regions and the sandwiches' name also varied though I did see Longhorn more than any other name.

The sandwich was a roll-type hunk of bread longer than it was wide. Same with the meat that had that school-cafeteria-like soybean extender-like taste that i actually enjoyed.

Atop the meat was a brown gravy-like sauce that was rather thick in consistency and applied somewhat sparingly but the sandwich was still rather messy when eaten.

No bar-b-que flavor.... just a basic brown gravy taste.

I recall the Longhorn did have some mayonnaise applied to the roll that added to the taste, in a positive way to me.

Thats it. Nothing actually all-that-special but the sandwich was everywhere and conveyed a taste and texture I haven't found in any other microwavable or fast-food sandwich.

Sometime in the mid-1980s or so I noticed that the Longhorn was no longer available. Kept my eyes open but none of the typical places had that sandwich anymore.

Went long-haul trucking again so was able to again range across a large area but, nope, no Longhorn nor any of the other same/very similar sandwiches from a different source with a different name.

Did an extensive Web search, including an image search but nary ANY mention of the Longhorn or a similar sandwich.

Am I the only person within the USA that savored that delectable delight?

As with most convenience store foods the Longhorn was rather high-priced but I cherished the taste and saved it as a special treat due to the price.

If there was only a source for the same sandwich I would order a case or more and have it shipped or go pick it up at the distributor, whatever.

But, maybe the Lonhorn is history?

Are my hopes, dreams and desires to be dashed upon the rocks of despair?

The Old Coot is wondering if anyone hereabouts recalls that culinary delight known as the Longhorn and perhaps knows of a Web site where I can, at the least, obtain a pic of my old friend or perhaps even order some!!!!!!!!!

Subject: Re: Convenience store microvable sandwich of yore

Written By: Capt Quirk on 11/07/08 at 9:10 pm

I don't remember ever eating the Longhorn, but I have certainly eaten my share of nuke'm sandwiches. I worked at a Gas Station in the late 80's, that also tried to be a convenience store. I was on a first name basis with the Dandy sandwich delivery guy, and whenever a new sandwich came out, he gave me a couple to try out before stocking them. Since I was the one who ate most of the stuff, I got to do the orders :)

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