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Subject: Aussie Xmas classics from the 70's

Written By: Captainfancypants on 12/22/08 at 5:12 pm

For the rest of the worlds info, Australians were not exempt from bad 709's craptactular songs
Link into the site for the Youtube links - all Aussie Xmas related  especially Santa never made it into Darwin!  errr.....

excuse the site name, but it is the bands name.

Merry Christmas and a safe New Year (so we can all come back and reminisce next year!)  ;D

Subject: Re: Aussie Xmas classics from the 70's

Written By: BrianMannixGirl on 12/24/08 at 9:06 am

Personally I see nothing "craptacular" about Bill and Boyds fundraising song "Santa never made it into Darwin".

It was done for a good reason and for those of us that were affected by the cyclone that year it came as a welcome relief.

For the others here who may not know about this event - during the night of Christmas Eve 1974 Darwin was totally destroyed by Cyclone Tracy. Christmas morning for the entire population was a morning of sheer and utter devestation. Most lost everything.

I still cry when I hear that song and can still feel every single inch of that storm - and I was a couple of hundred miles away.

Subject: Re: Aussie Xmas classics from the 70's

Written By: Captainfancypants on 12/27/08 at 5:16 pm

BM girl, PLEASE don't get me wrong:  The craptactualr refers to the lyrics.  NOT the reason behind it.  I went and brought the single back in 1975, and remember well my family supporting a Darwin family that moved into St Kilda when I was living there.  I even remember driving past the milk bar on Boxing Day and seeing the front page of the Herald out the front.
The pun and comedy revolved around the "simple" words that was used. Bill & Boyd came from a long line of WTF songs, like "put another log on the fire" which was why his wife left him as she was not a slave and they could not work it out!  Comedy (albeit very bad comedy).  In the same way I would poke fun at Feed the world or Sun City.  All have a purpose (unite in music) and yes, did make an appeal work well (basically the first that had a commercial song in OZ)  The lyrics were for a time, and that is the laugh I was looking for.

If you see the site, I go on to pull fun at Keith McGowans "Little boys Christmas prayer"  A shocker, but released before the TAC ads of Victoria to avoid the deaths on our roads (that we were so well known for in the 80's)

And then when I go further to the TAC ads, I mention Paul, who back then was one of my best mates who was the paramedic in the first TAC ad.  Without getting too sentimental, Paul died O/S while working in an ambulance service on one of the islands.  But we too parodied the TAC ads with a mates video camera back when it was out.  IF only someones Mum had not blanked over it, to watch paul and all my mates make fools of ourselves again would be funny.

So I apologise for the tone of the link post here but the whole thing is tongue in cheek.  We are a parody mime outfit to send up songs.  However we do not take way from meanings or events.  I further link to the ONLY footage on youtube of Cyclone Tracy (with a really annoying siren start - yes I know that is the warning alarm, but it goes on and on....) so people can learn why the song was made.

PS looking forward to "I cant believe it's not countdown"

Captain Fancypants

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