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Subject: Need To Find The Name Of This Movie

Written By: mlauzon on 05/12/09 at 8:25 am

Someone on another forum I am on is looking for the name of a movie, here is his description -- at first I thought Cloak & Dagger, but someone else says it's not it -- so maybe someone on here knows:

"fleshfiend reminded me of a vague memory I have of a movie/television show (i believe from the 70s)

Basically all I remember from it is that there is this dorky kid into comic books and superheroes and one of his favorite heroes can turn invisible. He gets into some impossibly retarded trouble (probably broke a window or something equally stupid) and soon after he hears his parents pull up in the driveway. Then he says something like "I wish I could turn invisible like invisible man", cue 70s cliffhanger music and it cut to commercials. I think he was talking to someone when he made that comment but I can't for sheesh remember who or what or why."

So, does anyone have any ideas?

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