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Subject: Regional Differences with regard to Pop Culture/Music

Written By: Ryan112390 on 05/06/10 at 6:46 am

Now, I'm only going on the word of my father--who was born in '53 and so spent much of the '70s in his late teens and 20s. He was I guess what some could call a post-Hippie Hippie--Too young to have been an activist Hippie but holding much of the same aesthethics (long hair, etc) and ideals (anti-war, pro drugs, etc) says that when he joined the army, in 1976, New York City where he lived was already shifting away from the Hippie values--a lot of the guys around him were cutting their hair and donning Disco suits or becoming Punk Rockers--turning away essentially from what the early-mid 70s were about, and the Hard Rocker/Hippie of the early 70s was a fading ideal in late 70s New York, however when stationed in the mid west the next year, it was as if it was 1972 again--everyone there wore long hair and dressed Hippie-ish.
I was wondering if those who lived in or travelled to different parts of the US during the 70s saw a lot of regional or geographic social/pop cultural differences?

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