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Subject: Outlaw country

Written By: yelimsexa on 03/13/11 at 8:32 pm

One kind of music that tends to be overlooked, especially outside of the rural Southern adn Midwestern US is the "outlaw country" genre. This was your Hank Williams, Jr, Waylon Jennings type country that was most popular in the '70s with occassional crossover. What are your favorite songs and what do you an other people think about this genre, and how did disco negatively impact this genre before a final flush in the early '80s with some crossover?

Subject: Re: Outlaw country

Written By: AL-B Mk. III on 03/14/11 at 6:02 pm

One of my favorite local KC bands is Outlaw Jim and the Whiskey Benders, which plays this style of music.

Their logo says it all.  ;)

Subject: Re: Outlaw country

Written By: Foo Bar on 03/14/11 at 10:10 pm

David Allan Coe for the win.  He did for country music what Karen Finley did for synthpop.

Subject: Re: Outlaw country

Written By: zcrito on 03/19/11 at 2:49 pm

How about
Family Tradition - Hank Williams, Jr.

And let's don't forget the late, great, Johnny Paycheck and 1977's "Take This Job and Shove It".
On second thought, I never cared for that song at all, so let's go with a much better JP song,

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