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Subject: Disney's 70s pastime dramas "Menace on the Mountain" & "The Wild Country"!

Written By: The Valley Goth on 03/21/14 at 1:03 am

Like, Hi, Fer Shurr,

NOTE: SPOILER WARNING for Disney's "Menace on the Mountain" & "The Wild Country".

I'm that lady who always wants the most obscure, and interesting, of Disney's live-action movies!  When I had the chance to buy "The Wild Country" (1970/1971), I bought it, no questions asked, because its basic plot sounded interesting; once I watched the movie, it became one of my absolute FAVORITE Disney movies!

It's really sort of a psychodrama about a family of four (Mom, Dad, and two boys, played by Ron Howard and his brother), who are granted a Wyoming homestead that proves to be the worse for wear, and who are then stalked and harassed by a bullying old terrorist of sorts, who insists that the family's water ALL belongs to HIM!  Ron Howard's character is forced to grow up quickly, by way of having to protect his all costs...after his mother is unable to best the extremely bad, water-hoarding neighbor who's causing the family so much misery!

I love everything about this movie.  I love the theme music, the beauty of the natural settings, the family's homestead farm, the dramatic moments, etc.

I just recently ordered "Menace on the Mountain", which was ACTUALLY a two-part T.V. show that was released during the early part of 1970.  It seems as though it's going to have a plot that's slightly similar to that of "The Wild Country", but it's set in the South...during the tail end of the Civil War.  I'll bet that Disney sanitized out all references to slavery, though, 'cause the story concerns a Caucasian Southern woman who must defend her family while her Rebel Army husband is away at war.  It might be slightly rough, yet exciting, to see what the family will do when the Rebel deserters destroy the family's home...I can't wait to see this movie, and I really hope that I'll like it as much as I like "The Wild Country"!

If you've seen EITHER of the two aforementioned movies, what did/ do you think of them?

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