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Subject: HBO Short(s) (takes)

Written By: TheGreatGonzo on 09/21/18 at 3:59 pm

Back in the beginning of the world, HBO showed small movies between their features, I am looking for information on one from the (I think) mid 70s.

There was an HBO short when I was a kid that showed a little girl at the dinner table with her mom. Mom got mad at something, crushed her cigarette into her plate, yelled at the girl and sent her to her room. The girl sat at her desk and drew a little girl dancing in the rain in a park. The drawing came to life on the paper. Mom sees light under the bedroom door and bursts in. The little girls hair is wet (presumably from the rain). Mom wads up the drawing, sends the girl to bed. Girl gets up, draws prison bars with mom behind them. When mom opens door again, she is sucked into the picture. Then the girl violently jabs the picture with her pencil. Creeped me out at age 10ish, I have not seen it since, but have never forgotten it.

Im beginning to loose hope of ever finding this!

Subject: Re: HBO Short(s) (takes)

Written By: Voiceofthe70s on 09/21/18 at 4:59 pm

There's one I'm looking for too. I thought it may have been on early Nickelodeon, but it may have been an HBO short take. Or something else for that matter. It was a cartoon. It opens with a musician happily playing guitar alone under a streetlight. Although unnamed, the bespectacled guitar player clearly resembles Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. He is approached by a tall, thin, long haired guitar player who sits down, and the two happily jam for a while. Until the second guitar player hits a very discordant sounding chord. The Jerry Garcia guitar player grumbles angrily at him (there is no actual dialog in the cartoon at all). They start playing again and everything is fine until the player hits that chord again, a chord he seems to think is fine. The Garcia player grumbles yet again. They start playing again and when the player hits the chord a THIRD time the Garcia player gets up, breaks his guitar over the other player's had and storms off. The second player shrugs this off and continues happily playing. A big limousine pulls up, likes what it hears and whisks this guy away to fame and fortune. He is then shown playing to adoring crowds. Somehow we start to get the impression he is not happy in his new life. We finally see him walking lonely dejected down a street. Who does he come across playing under a streetlight? His old pal the Jerry Garcia guitarist. He sits down and the cartoon ends with the two of them happily reunited and playing away.

Does anybody know what this is? It has stuck in my mind all these years from the mid 80s. It accomplishes an awful lot with no dialog.

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