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Subject: if we could bring back the 80's

Written By: kittie brite on 02/03/02 at 10:55 a.m.

well for one thing i would enjoy those leg warmers again they were cool 8) and those jelly shoes :D and the thin material t-shirts with those neat glitter like iron on osome(sp)pics on the front the type of t-shirts for ex where the sleaves are black and the torso part is white. ;) i would enjoy mtv the way it use to be ::)ect....ect.....ect....... :)  80's rocks  :-*

Subject: Re: if we could bring back the 80's

Written By: Davester on 02/03/02 at 11:17 a.m.

 Yeah, the shirts you described as white with black sleeves (usually the sleeves were a little short) I believe were known as baseball jerseys.  I remember one of my favorite shirts was a Van Halen 1984 tour jersey just like you describe.
  You know what, though...bringing back certain types of clothes, or music, or movies, gadgets, jargon, autos, etc. still wouldn't do it.  We were young, without a great deal of responsibility (at least not like now), hardly any worries except what shirt we were giong to wear to the dance.  We had a different mentality, a different perspective on the world.  If I could go back, maybe there would be some things I'd do differently, and I'd certainly try to soak in more of that culture. What that would entail, I can only speculate.
    Someone, on another part of "InThe80's" said when they remember the 80's they feel a sort of melancholy happiness.  I feel the same thing, and I always wonder why.