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Subject: 80's project for an 8th grade class

Written By: x_Jessica_x on 05/07/02 at 05:15 p.m.

I am doing a report on the 80's, and while my group and I present our information, we have to pass out food INTRODUCED in the 80's.  I have seen some of the food on this page; however, some of the authors seem like they aren't really sure about when the item was introduced.  If you know FOR SURE of any food that is still around today that I could bring in (or where I can find correct information) for an 8th grade class? (I was thinking frozen yogurt, but I am not totally sure it was introduced then!) Thank you very much!

~ Jessica

Subject: Re: 80's project for an 8th grade class

Written By: Tbullsr on 05/07/02 at 05:38 p.m.

;D Pop Rocks were introduced in the 80's.
Just found this site. Hopefully it will help you. ;D
Good luck!


Tim        RATT-n-ROLL

Subject: Re: 80's project for an 8th grade class

Written By: Kryllith on 05/08/02 at 03:07 p.m.

In addition to the site above, inthe80s has it's own section of foods first created in the 80s.  Not sure what's all on the list, but the ones that spring immediately that were first made in the 80s AND are still around include Cool Ranch Doritos, Orville R.'s Microwave Popcorn, Campbell's Nacho Cheese Soup, Crispix, Keebler E.L Fudge cookies, Double Stuff Oreos... most of these should be easy to find.