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Subject: clothing

Written By: arnbaltos on 05/07/02 at 05:35 p.m.

This is a question for the ladies....I may have posted this is the wrong section, but I did post this once already...........do any of you remember a 'terry turn down cuff' sock? I think they were popular in the 80s and were for sports (maybe tennis)? I am not sure. What did these look like, and were they popular? Any of you females have any info on this? I would much appreciate it. Thank you.

Subject: Re: clothing

Written By: Mystery Woman on 05/10/02 at 08:34 a.m.

What you gave is actually a pretty good description.

The ones I had were always white.  The part that folded down was a couple of inches wide, and the material was terry cloth like a bathrobe or towel.    

You're correct, it seems to me that they were usually worn with tennis shoes (whether or not one was actually playing tennis, who knows?)

I wouldn't say they were actually popular; not like, say, slouch socks worn with Keds.  But they were pretty common.

This type of sock is still sold.  I actually have a crazy Aunt who buys them for people for their birthdays.  She gets everyone socks.  I even have a few pairs.

Is that enough info?

Subject: Re: clothing

Written By: Marci on 05/10/02 at 11:10 a.m.

I remember them too.  Most of the ones I saw/had were white as well, but some of them did have colors around the cuff, (similiar to the colors on men's tube socks), but I didn't wear those too often.
As far as being popular, I don't really know what makes a sock popular.. ???  But I do know a lot of girls in elementary/middle school wore them around here. (Course we wore Flashdance leg warmers too.. ::)) As far as popular, I know Mystery Woman mentioned slouch socks, but honestly I don't really rememember them at the same time I had the "terry turn down cuff socks". Seems like I wore slouch socks later on... Ah, well, maybe I'm just too old!  LOL!