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Subject: One Life To Live

Written By: SammyMalone on 05/08/02 at 11:44 p.m.

A re they milking this Vicky and Nikke thing to much, I remmember them doing it in tje 90's and 80's. Everytime that Vicky had a problem Nikkie and the others come out. Also is Jessica the real daughter of Vicky,/? WWW.ONE LIFE TO LIVE.COMURLTEXT

Subject: Re: One Life To Live

Written By: Bobo on 05/08/02 at 11:59 p.m.

That's http://www.onelifetolive.com right?

Subject: Re: One Life To Live

Written By: langdon_hughes on 05/09/02 at 00:08 a.m.

I thought Vicky was with Jake! And what happened to the twins after the fire? D@mn that Nicky, has he figured out yet who his father is? And that one cop...how long do you think he's gonna be able to keep that up, anyway?

I just can't believe that Kimberly shot Hunter, that's still gonna take a while to sink in...and after he gave her the antidote!

And by the way, my money's on Tuesdai for being nabbed as the safe cracker. Using the dynamite to clear a space to bury her great grandmother my hiney! She's so transparent.

Still, can't wait for Loren and Lyon to get married. Hope they never figure out they're clones of each other.

Subject: Re: One Life To Live

Written By: 80sTrivia on 05/09/02 at 05:55 a.m.

I haven't watched OLTL since that whole underground city of Eterna fiasco back in the late-80s! ;D Is that old fossil Asa still causing people problems? If he's still alive, I'm sure he is. I'm sure Vicky Buchanan's evil split personality, Nikki, is still causing problems!