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Subject: 80's Arts and Crafts..............???

Written By: pokey on 05/16/02 at 10:34 a.m.

A little off the wall :-/..........I am a very artsy kind of person.
I remember makin' alot of crafts in the 80's and i have kept most of them, but because of a fire about 7 years ago, i don't have anything left. :'(
What i would like to know.....does any one have 80's arts and crafts memorabilia or ideas to share?  :D
I would really find this interesting! ;)

Thank You!
Pokey :)

Subject: Re: 80's Arts and Crafts..............???

Written By: panda on 05/17/02 at 10:22 a.m.

this isn't so much ideas is it is remembering certain crafts that i did in the 80s.

i very fondly remember shrinkydinks...we had some starwars, superman, smurfs (mostly smurfs)...they were so much fun.  they still make them, but i'm not sure if they make cartoon ones anymore...you can also get just the plain sheets of the shrinky stuff to design your own.  i also remember that once my mom got us a kit with glue, glitter, sequins and a white glove so we could design our own sparkly michael jackson glove.  that was fun...messy, but fun.  my sister had one of those kiddie ovens that came with little forms and glass pellets so you could make light catchers.  man, i miss all the cool stuff from my childhood...of course, now it would seem kinda cheesy.

Subject: Re: 80's Arts and Crafts..............???

Written By: XenaKat13 on 05/19/02 at 00:38 a.m.

I remember those glass suncatcher kits, too.  I can't seem to find any around anymore.

I had back surgery in late 1979, and for about 2 1/2 years my physical activities were very limited.  So I stayed around the house a lot.  That's when I got into latch-hook rugs and paint-by-numbers.  I know they've both been around longer than that, and they still are.  But it seems they could be found almost everywhere in the '80's.  I could find decent paint-by-number kits everywhere, from the local discount store all the way up to actuall hobby shops.  There were both fast drying acrylic paints and oil kits, with some really complicated pictures, not the very simple kids-level versions you find in the toy stores today.

I could also get some nice latch-hook kits in the larger toy stores too.  I have to go to a mail-order catalog to find any good ones now, same as the paint-by-numbers.

Subject: Re: 80's Arts and Crafts..............???

Written By: PCxo on 05/21/02 at 03:31 p.m.

Pokey, you're not off the wall:)  I remember doing all sorts of crafts when I was little, like the shrinky dinks, latch hook, sticker books, sun catchers kits, paint by numbers.........  My sister and I spent hours putting our sticker book/scrapbooks together.  I still have one.  We used to draw and paint a lot too.  We used to make things out of play doh and let it dry out.