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Subject: "Pink Lady & Jeff"

Written By: Sammy Reed on 06/02/02 at 10:27 p.m.

    Does anybody remember the "Pink Lady & Jeff" show? I remember it, not very fondly I may add. It is considered by many to be one of, if not the worst, show in television history. It ran for only 5 episodes in early 1980.
    Pink Lady was a group of 2 Japanese female singers who were the #1 group in Japan, but when they tried to bring their popularity to the US, that attempt floundered. They were partnered on the show with a guy named "Jeff", who I found out much later was comedian Jeff Altman.
    I could not attempt to descibe this atrocity. There are other websites that provide information and comments that tell it better than I could, including one website that features an interview with the head writer of the show, where he describes some of the inner-workings of, as well as the utter heck involved in making, this show.
    Believe it or not, there is a 3-DVD set, called the "Pink Lady & Jeff Box Set", featuring all 6 episodes that were ever made of this pitiful show. It is available from Amazon.

Subject: Re: "Pink Lady & Jeff"

Written By: Wicked Lester on 06/02/02 at 11:25 p.m.

I had totally forgotten this show, but since you mentioned it I do have a recollection of it!! I don't know that I ever watched it, but I do remember the advertisements.

Subject: Re: "Pink Lady & Jeff"

Written By: 80sTrivia on 06/03/02 at 08:04 a.m.

I do remember this show, unfortunately. From what I recall, the guys responsible for H.R. Puffenstuff were responsible for this monumental fiasco as well. Those two Japanese ladies didn't speak a word of "Engrish" so how were they supposed to do a tv show in America. Jeff Altman was the co-star. This show pretty much ruined any chance of a career in comedy he ever had!!!

Subject: Re: "Pink Lady & Jeff"

Written By: Indy Gent on 06/03/02 at 06:36 p.m.

"Engrish", LOL!
Altman did have a brief comeback with his album, "Sweet and Meaty" in the late 90s. Never heard it though.

I do remember this show, unfortunately. From what I recall, the guys responsible for H.R. Puffenstuff were responsible for this monumental fiasco as well. Those two Japanese ladies didn't speak a word of "Engrish" so how were they supposed to do a tv show in America. Jeff Altman was the co-star. This show pretty much ruined any chance of a career in comedy he ever had!!!
End Quote

Subject: Re: "Pink Lady & Jeff"

Written By: Sammy Reed on 06/03/02 at 09:36 p.m.

This show pretty much ruined any chance of a career in comedy he ever had!!!
End Quote

    Not to mention it ruined Pink Lady's attempt to be popular in the US. They had a #30something hit, "Kiss in the Dark", in America in 1979. (which I bought a 12-inch single of in a flea market a few years ago. The other side was their version of "Walk Away, Renee", believe it or not.)
    Most people in this country still haven't heard of them, so when this show came to the air in 1980, it was their 1st impression of them, and it was a pretty bad one.
    First of all, they were not comedians, they were singers & dancers. They were put onto a comedy/variety show format that they just didn't fit in, they knew very little if any english, and they had to learn their lines phonetically. And once again, they were fed these comedy lines that didn't fit them at all because they were singers, not comedians.
    Just one of the ingredients in the making for a very bad TV show, and a very bad way of trying to make the Japanese musical group Pink Lady popular in the United States.

Subject: Re: "Pink Lady & Jeff"

Written By: XenaKat13 on 06/05/02 at 11:51 a.m.

I remember the show too.  I hated it, but I watched it because I liked Pink Lady.

I think that was my first taste of liking obscure bands that no one had ever heard of (in this country).

Subject: Re: "Pink Lady & Jeff"

Written By: Sammy Reed on 06/06/02 at 00:25 a.m.

    First of all, I'd like to apologize for how much time & space I'm going to take up here. I'm sure a lot of people who remember this show when it first came on has a memory about it that sticks in their heads to this day, and I'm going to tell you mine.
    I just got my 3-DVD box set of all 6 episodes a couple of days ago, finishing up watching them all today. (Yes, I survived, and I'm still alive! Can you believe it?!?)
    I got to re-live the moment that made me not want to watch it anymore when I was a 10-going-on-11 year old boy - the infamous "shark attack" incident.
    In previous episodes, Pink Lady would somehow trick, convince, or even push Jeff into the hot tub at the end of the show, when he didn't want to go in. But at the end of this one, Jeff is ready this time, and the girls find HIM in the hot tub. Goody, he got in there without Pink Lady "making" him go in this time. So the girls surprise him by showing him a newspaper headline about a shark attack. Jeff then sees a shark fin rising up and swimming around in the hot tub, gets scared and runs out, never to be seen again. Then we find out that the "shark" is really the girls' big Japanese bodyguard guy (one of the "regulars" of the series) wearing a shark-fin hat.
    It should be pointed out that, although today I look at this and know it for the dumb writing that it was, AT THAT TIME I was a sensitive resource-class kid, and the way I interpreted this was: They were "mean women" who
tricked "poor" Jeff into the hot tub, then when they got him in there they did "mean stuff" to him. Needless to say, I didn't want to watch this show anymore, because I didn't want to keep seeing Pink Lady "torturing" Jeff like that.
    You can imagine my utter DELIGHT when I got the DVD set and found out that this was the 5th episode, the last show before NBC cancelled it. One of the girls ended it with a disturbingly happy "See you next week!" Those were DESERVEDLY the last words spoken on the show! (There was a 6th episode that was produced but didn't get to air. It is included in the DVD set).
    But I didn't know that at the time and I went all these years thinking maybe that the show lasted for a year, like 1980-81 or something. Several years ago, I found out how short it really lasted. I guess it was one of those TV shows that didn't last a long time, it just SEEMED like it was around longer.
    I could go on and on about how being stuck in this show surely didn't help Pink Lady get famous in the US, the dumb skits that didn't even have the gals in them at
all, "Yes!.....no", "Wondafoo", singing "MacArthur Park" - and JUST THE SLOW PART (although their version of "You've Got a Friend" darn-near brought a tear to my eye - SUPER!), the strange ending of the 6th unaired episode,...
    ...but I've taken up enough webspace already. Again, I'm sorry this took up so much time, but I had to get this off my chest. Thank you very much.

Subject: Re: "Pink Lady & Jeff"

Written By: 80smusicfreak on 06/06/02 at 05:02 a.m.

I don't recall watching the TV series back when it originally aired, but last week, my gf & I happened to run across that same 3-DVD box set on the shelf at our local Borders bookstore, and were checking it out. We didn't buy it - although I'm sure it's still sitting there, lol...

However, I've known who Pink Lady are for quite some time, and that they had a TV show here in the U.S. more than 20 years ago. That's because I've had their 1979 self-titled album on cassette (w/ their top 40 hit, "Kiss in the Dark") for about 10 years now. I still play that one song every once in a blue moon, but I honestly haven't listened to the entire album all the way through since the one time right after I first bought it! Yeah, it's that bad... :-(

Subject: Re: "Pink Lady & Jeff"

Written By: SammyReed on 12/04/02 at 06:37 p.m.

    I had to dig all the way back to page 42 for this one. (Now, I started from the last page on down,so I'm not a complete idiot.) I have some more things to say about this show.
    "Kiss in the Dark" was supposed to be their big "hit" song responsible for putting them on "their own" TV show, but they never sang that song once on the show. Note, I put "their own" in quotation marks because it's so evident that other people were pulling all the strings with this show.
    Which brings me to another thing, "musical guests". Pink Lady, who were supposed to be the "stars" of the show, were a singing group, and it had "musical guests"?!? Maybe the producers didn't mean for it to be one, but that just seemed to be an insult to Pink Lady. How thrilled do you think Kei really was to utter the words "And our musical guest, Blondie!!!"?
    And finally, back when I made this post, I didn't know about how to do links, so I couldn't put in one to the page that had the interview with Mark Evanier, who was the head writer of the show. Here's the link to that interview:

    Also, if you're interested, the www.pinkladyamerica.com tribute page has a lot of interesting stuff about them, including a 1999 interview.