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Subject: Brain Games

Written By: pell (Guest) on 07/12/02 at 09:01 a.m.

Does anyone remember what show had the puzzle segment called "Brain Games?"

All I remember is that it was the segment of a TV or cable program and it was introduced by a maniacal voice shouting "Brain Games! Brain Games!"

I want to say it was on Mr. Wizard's World or something similar, and would probably have been on Nickelodeon or HBO.

Subject: Re: Brain Games

Written By: pell on 11/20/02 at 01:27 a.m.

I'm dredging up this topic from months ago because someone sent me an e-mail wanting to know more about this.

I really don't remember much else other than that I'm pretty sure the segment intro featured a cartoon man (mostly head and feet, and geometrical kind of like the cartoon people used in magazine illustration today, especially computer mags) and, of course, the cartoon title "Brain Games" was probably moving around the screen.

The background of this intro was probably a flat color, and the man and everything was two dimensional and moving around, but this is very hazy in my memory.

Brain Games wasn't a show, it was a segment, but I can't remember if it was part of a particular show, or if it was independently placed between different shows like "Schoolhouse Rock."

I have a strong feeling that it was on HBO, but Nickelodeon would be a close second. I'd even go so far as to suggest that Brain Games was not strictly for children and may have filled time between HBO's feature presentations.

The person who e-mailed me said they had no luck finding it on the Net. I'm not surprised. I came up empty this summer when I looked it up, but I think I'll try again.

The maniacal "Brain Games, Brain Games" voice has been in my head for years, so if anybody knows anything about this please put me out of my misery. :)

Subject: Re: Brain Games

Written By: Jeffpcmt on 11/20/02 at 08:42 a.m.

Yes I remember Brain Games.  It was on HBO in the mid 80s.  They had all kinds of fun puzzles and memory exercises.  Very entertainining.

Subject: Re: Brain Games

Written By: Syncronos on 11/20/02 at 09:04 a.m.

I remember Brain Games...it was cool.

"Brain Games...is now...(sniff)...over!"