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Subject: Food Fads of the 80's

Written By: 80sBaby on 07/26/02 at 01:23 p.m.

What food/beverage fads do you remember from the 80's?  Here's a couple I can recall off-hand....

1. Pepsi Clear
2. "Ecto Cooler" Hi-C (Neon green colored beverage inspired by the "ectoplasm" in Ghostbusters.)
3. Star Wars cookies.  (I don't know who else remembers these.  They came out after the release of Return of the Jedi.  They were like animal crackers except they were shaped like Star Wars characters, and they came in three different flavors:  Vanilla for the good guys, chocolate for the bad guys, and peanut butter for the robots and monsters.)  :P

Subject: Re: Food Fads of the 80's

Written By: OlDsKoOl_fAiRy on 07/26/02 at 04:11 p.m.

Well, i was just a little kid in the 80s, so i mostly remeber kid things like Strawberry shortcake cereal. Oh, and  mcdonalds happy meals with the little bearstein bear toys...and too many more.

Subject: Re: Food Fads of the 80's

Written By: jamminoldies on 07/26/02 at 06:57 p.m.

Those wrestling cookies by Salerno.cookies in the shape of Hogan,Andre,The Ultimate Warrior,etc.... -howard-

Subject: Re: Food Fads of the 80's

Written By: creerain71 on 07/29/02 at 02:01 p.m.


Subject: Re: Food Fads of the 80's

Written By: ChrisPC on 07/29/02 at 08:13 p.m.

Crystal Pepsi didn't come out until the early '90s.  

Subject: Re: Food Fads of the 80's

Written By: Screwball54 on 07/29/02 at 09:50 p.m.

I remember Apple Cinemon Chereos was the cereal to have.

Subject: Re: Food Fads of the 80's

Written By: SammyReed on 07/30/02 at 06:48 a.m.

    What I remember is, whenever there were food fads in the 80's, they'd make commercials against each other. There was Coke Vs. Pepsi, McDonald's Vs. Burger King Vs. Wendy's, even Keebler's Vs. Wheat Thins and Kern's Bread Vs. Roman Meal for gosh sake! I'm sure there were others.
    I heard it said that politicians are sold like products. No, guys. At this particular time, products were doing the same kind of negative commercials as politicians.
    I think that when the backlash over New Coke died down is when all this mess ended. Fortunately, the wrestling cookies and Apple Cinnamon Cheerios came along later, at a more peaceful time.