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Subject: HS reunion

Written By: the_OlLine_Rebel on 07/29/02 at 11:53 a.m.

Well, it happened.  My HS class had its reunion.  And I managed to a) go and b) not leave w/o my actual friends there.  (Only really had 2 friends in my class - 1's in SanFran and the other not too far but she ditched me - again - like she did our prom!)

Actually, it was a pretty nice time.  We danced quite a lot!  Or at least we women did. (Lord was it hot!   :P  Inside and out on the balcony!)  The food was good.  It was fun talking to some I did remember, some I didn't at all, and their spouses.  (I have memory trouble apparently.  Some people knew me whom I swear I never saw before or even heard of.  But then, it might have been my hair that they remembered - after all, when some recalled that, they got all excited and cried out "aaaaaahhh you had that hair!" and called it a mohawk which isn't quite correct.   :D)

And most of all it was nice to see most of the in-crowd had matured (can't vouch for all, but most) and behaved much better than they did in the past!  Only 1 bonified drunk (1 of our female in-crowd who had once given me hard times but was now hugging me - and laughing on the toilet), 1 probably so (guy - who lost his HS ring on the dance floor which others of us found w/o him knowing), and another I don't know for sure because he seemed like that 1st thing!

Actually I was disappointed they didn't play more '80s songs.  The DJ said it would be mostly 83-87, but it didn't seem like it was even mostly the whole decade!  He did take requests so I think some people were requesting more recent dance things (traitors).  I mean, those were fun but I still wanted to hear some more '80s pop tunes most of the nite.

All-around though, it was a nice nite and my nearer friend will not hear the end of it!    :)

Subject: Re: HS reunion

Written By: Reddyrules on 07/29/02 at 11:16 p.m.

My grade 12 had a 10 year re-union in 1989. Unfortunately I was working about 900 kilometres away.I had read about it but realised I could not attend. It would have been good though.
FussBudget and I went to the same school but he got wise and left earlier.

Subject: Re: HS reunion

Written By: FussBudgetVanPelt on 07/30/02 at 07:41 a.m.

Ah, Reddy - you are too kind by half....

The way I remember it is :

I went to the same school but he realised he was wasting everybody's time including his own, so he got wise and left earlier...

That sounds more like it !

I would still be intrigued to know how many of our Grade 10 classmates ended in prison...

I reckon (for starters) : Larry, Duncan, Robert and possibly that little twirp with the long hair, Greg

FB  :(