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Subject: Looking for a commercial

Written By: Vanessa on 08/06/02 at 08:25 a.m.

There's this commercial that I remember word for word but can't remember what it was for. †It starts with a bunch of kids hanging out and one girl who looks like Molly Ringwald says, " I hate my mother, she's so much prettier than I am" †another girl asks, "your mother?" another girl says, "Have you ever seen her mother? †A guy on a skateboard say, "I have, I'm hoping she'll be divorced by the time I'm 23". †The Molly Ringwald girl says, "I found a few pictures of her from when she was my age" †A guy asks "was she hot?" †The girl replies, "No, she was plain, with freckles and a little bit overweight" †A girl says, "kinda like you?" †and the Molly Ringwald girl smiles and says, "exactly like me". †Does anyone remember this or have a clue to what it was for? †Any help would be appreciated. †

Subject: Re: Looking for a commercial

Written By: pell on 08/06/02 at 11:52 p.m.

I donít remember the commercial, but it sounds a lot like those Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints spots you see once in a while. It could also have been a public service announcement sponsored by a local church or some local organization, particularly one that has programs to help teens deal with life.

You might look along those lines.

Subject: Re: Looking for a commercial

Written By: Lori on 09/05/02 at 05:50 a.m.

Oh My Gawd!!!  I remember that commercial!!  "I hate my mother, she's so much prettier than me".  I think it WAS Molly Ringwald...if not then it was her clone.

Now I'm not gonna sleep....what was it for???  I'll ask my sister.

Subject: Re: Looking for a commercial

Written By: Edgewood_Dirk on 09/05/02 at 09:03 a.m.

Well I'm almost certain that it wasn't for Chruch of Latter Day Saints. I think it was some type of jeans, though I could be way off here.