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Subject: VH1 Behind The Music Petition!!

Written By: Lizzo13 on 09/10/02 at 06:37 p.m.

New Edition deserves a BTM special more than almost anyone!! If you're a fan, please sign my petition for them with your first and last name at
http://www.petitiononline.com/nebtm/petition.html The
petition has even gone as far as vaguely being
mentioned in a BET.com article, which is at
FOR THE NON-FANS (or people who don't know who they
are), maybe this might convince you that they really
do deserve a special and make you sign the petition.
Here are 10 reasons why VH1 should do a special on

1. It's time non-fans learn the truth. Without them,
many groups out now would have never been discovered.
NKOTB was discovered to be the "white" New Edition.
Yet they've always received the credit. The success of
NKOTB led to BSB, 'N Sync, etc. TLC was meant to be
the female version of Bell Biv DeVoe, which consisted
of 3 members of New Edition. Boyz II Men (who got
their name from a New Edition song) was discovered by
New Edition member Michael Bivins, and then they
discovered 98 Degrees. Michael also discovered 702,
Another Bad Creation, Subway, etc. Jagged Edge names
New Edition as their biggest influence and even named
their album "JE Heart Break" in honor of them. The
list goes on of all the groups that were discovered
because of them.

2. Bobby Brown - enough said. He's been in trouble,
had several terrible near-death experiences, etc. The
only thing is that I don't want it to turn into a
"Behind The Music" on Bobby Brown. All members of New
Edition are significant and all have had their share
of problems. Ronnie DeVoe has also been arrested....

3. New Edition was sued in 1984 by Maurice Starr, who
discovered them. They were sued for their name and
everything, they won. They were also sued by MCA
Records for breach of contract.

4. They made the New Jack Swing (song with a rap or a
rap song with singing parts) famous with songs like
"Heart Break," Bobby Brown's "Don't Be Cruel," etc.

5. When the members branched out as solo artists, they
outsold the group.

6. When they toured this past summer, they were still
able, after 19 years, to sell out shows, even though
they were not actually promoting a current album. How
many groups can achieve this?

7. They are reuniting in 2003 for their 20th
anniversary. Most young groups and/or groups who were
out five years ago and were bigger than them will not
last that long or have already slowed down or broken
up permanently (BSB, Spice Girls, etc.).

8. They've been an inspiration to so many young
entertainers. They've showed that young people can
come from the projects (they're from Roxbury, Mass.)
and make it in the business.

9. When Bobby Brown left, people thought New Edition
was over. Johnny Gill then replaced him, and they were
bigger than ever. In 1996, they reunited with all six
members, including Bobby. Original members who leave
groups rarely rejoin the groups after having successful solo careers, and it is rare for members of group - original and replacements - to record albums together.

10. In the beginning, they sounded like the Jackson 5,
but they eventually got their own sound. There are
members in the group who sound a little like legendary
artists Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson, but they
have always kept their originality. They are probably
best known for their choreography, which many groups
have copied.

So sign the petition and tell VH1 to do a special on
them!!! These 10 reasons are only half the story.
Their history, originality, etc. say it best and could
tell the rest of the story, and they would best shown
on something like "Behind The Music." Think about the
other artists they've done specials on. Many of them
they only did because the artist had died in some
tragic way. New Edition has enough of an interesting
history while they're still living to make a great
show that many people, fans and non-fans, will watch.
So let's get VH1 to let their story be finally
heard!!!! Again, the address for the petition is
http://www.petitiononline.com/nebtm/petition.html Thanks!!!!!!!


Subject: Re: VH1 Behind The Music Petition!!

Written By: Jonman on 09/10/02 at 11:51 p.m.

Wow! I don't need a BTM...I just learned it all from you Lizzo!! You must be a really big fan!

Subject: Re: VH1 Behind The Music Petition!!

Written By: Lizzo13 on 09/11/02 at 01:31 p.m.

Thanks, Jonman!! I'm definitely a true New Edition fan, but I'm sure there are things even I don't know. So how about signing the petition? Fan or not, you have to admit that they've got a lot to tell that would make for a great show....