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Subject: BEAT STREET vs. BREAKIN' (more 1980'2)

Written By: ROB (Guest) on 09/14/02 at 01:28 p.m.

THIS IS THE QUESTION: What was a better hip hop movie: BEAT STREET (EAST COAST- starring Rock Steady Crew, N.Y.C. Breakers, etc.), or BREAKIN" (WEST COAST- starring Shabba-Doo, Boogaloo Shrimp, Ice-T, etc.). The reason why I want to ask this question is because I honestly feel that BREAKIN" in fact was a better movie, and West Coast Dancers could rip East Coast dancers no problem, any day of the week, anytime, "BATTLECRY" baby! YEAH! No, anyone who lives in L.A. probably will back me up on this, but BREAKIN" was ahead of of it's time, a true masterpeice! (This excludes of course it's cheesy HOLLYWOOD-ized sequel "Electric-Boogaloo", which was just total hollywood bullshit! :P

Subject: Re: BEAT STREET vs. BREAKIN' (more 1980'2)

Written By: eightiesgirl on 09/23/02 at 10:51 p.m.

I represent da A.T.L and I love breakin. I mean that in the present tense still. Breakin does have it over Beat Street hands down. Even though the sequel in your opinion was bs, at least they still had a sequel, and at least the atmosphere and weather was a pleasant one in both Breakins as opposed to it being bitterly cold, and dirty in Beat Street. Not only that, the cast of Breakin could be on VH1's where are they now, but nobody cares about where the Beat Street people are. Finally, Shabba-Doo is still actively in the game. He danced in the Madonna Who's that girl tour in 1987, then he recently appeared as one of the poppers on Michael Jackson's video Jealously that premiered last Halloween. Now how can the Beat Street gang compare. Not hating, just stating facts.

Subject: Re: BEAT STREET vs. BREAKIN' (more 1980'2)

Written By: PCxo on 09/28/02 at 07:37 a.m.

I liked Breakin' better.  

Subject: Re: BEAT STREET vs. BREAKIN' (more 1980'2)

Written By: EightiesMusicDJ (Guest) on 09/28/02 at 11:58 p.m.

Breakin most definately.. hey, I like the sequel.. LOL


Subject: Re: BEAT STREET vs. BREAKIN' (more 1980'2)

Written By: BillieJeanDavy on 09/29/02 at 00:42 a.m.

Breakin' most definately.  I even made my Mom tape it from TBS one day when it was playing while I was at school. :P