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Subject: crazy eighties toy question......

Written By: xjapx on 09/22/02 at 08:34 p.m.

okay, me and my friend can't figure out the name of a certain eighties toy and cartoon series.  the toys were packaged in like packs of two or three, i believe 3, and on their chest were little heat sensitive pads.  when rubbed the pads revealed if the figure was an earth, water or fire figure.  i think their might have been wind, too.  the only joints they had were their arms, which you could pull out of the sockets and intermix, even though you weren't supposed to.  if anyone can figure this out, please shoot me an email.  thanx


Subject: Re: not so crazy

Written By: whyme1 on 10/11/03 at 00:33 a.m.

I know exactly the toys you were talking about! I used to always freak out when I saw those commercials. Have you ever heard of the cartoon "The Inhumanoids" or perhaps just "Inhumanoids"? I've found you can download the intro off Kazaa.

Anyhow, that might have been it. Maybe. Do you remember "Visionaries"? Those were the other toys with chest plates, but they were different 'cuz they had holograms that displayed each's magic ability. There was a cartoon series involved, i think.

Subject: Re: crazy eighties toy question......

Written By: xjapx on 10/13/03 at 01:33 a.m.

i don't remember the inhumanoids, but me and my brother figured out the toy i was talking about, they were battlebeasts.  heck yeah i remember visionaries.  those were cool. too.  man, i wish i still had some of this stuff.  they cost an arm and a leg off ebay now.  wsh i kept a hold of my MASK stuff too.  those were way ahead of their time.