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Subject: Anybody remember???

Written By: FallenAngel on 09/30/02 at 04:32 p.m.

In the 80's when i was a child there was this cartoon movie. I cant remember the title of it but i could tell you what it was about.
It was set up kind of like Romeo and Juliet. There was a child of water and a child of fire (boy and girl) In the beginning there was a war between fire and water "Fairies" (i guess thats what they were) and since then fire and water were forever enemys. The boy water child was named serious (Or something like that) Met the girl fire child and wa-la they feel in love. Since the both of their families were sworn enemies the only thing they could do was go and talk to this sea turtle who knew everything. He said that there was a planet (Or something) where fire and water could live together in peace but the only way to get there was to go to this are with these plants that only bloom like every 100 or so years and catch one of those seed pod thingies and it would take then to a place where they could live together forever. Well they miss the blooming and the "Fairy" of Fire turns in to the queen now that it is her time to rule all the fire fairies and the water "Fairy" Runs to her and is killed due to the heat and so she picks him up and walks into the water killing herself.

I really hope that this rings a bell to someone ive been racking my brain for the title. I know it was out around the time Rainbow Brite was out but before secret of nihm. Please i hope someone can help me... ???

Subject: Re: Anybody remember???

Written By: Alyssa Branen on 11/16/03 at 04:56 p.m.

It was something like..the sea prince and the fire child.

Subject: Re: Anybody remember???

Written By: rubixgirl on 11/17/03 at 06:57 a.m.

Here's a link to info on imbd about it...