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Subject: Please help me identify this 80s song.

Written By: Chris (cwhi047) on 11/25/02 at 04:02 a.m.

I've been doing everything I can think of to find out the name of a song or the artist that put it out. I have looked for it everywhere on the internet. As far as I'm aware, there's nothing about it anywhere.

It was released in the mid to late 80s. I'm fairly sure that it was released in England and Oman, and possibly in Italy.

In style, the music is typical 80s synthesiser pop. The main vocalist is a female who to me sounds very much like one of the singers from Boney M. At any rate, she has a foreign accent. There is a male vocalist, but all that he does is say the word 'OK', which is electronically stuttered. The lyrics are, in parts of the song, pretty hard to make out. Here's most of them (I doubt that they are entirely accurate):

íCos you are mine, for the night
íCos you are mine, baby
íCos youíre my sky, together tonight
íCos youíre my sky, touch me now

In the night, in the night
You take my heart
In the night, in the night
My love is for you
In the night, in the night
You take my heart
In the night, in the night,
You send me the truth


Youíre my heaven
My lovely smile
You try my heart

Come with me
I need your love
I need your light

Send me your answer
To close by my side
You take my heart

Stay with me
Donít close your eyes
Oh please tell me


The song has considerable sentimental value for me. I'd really appreciate any help.