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Subject: New website of 80s lyric quizzes

Written By: Jelly on 12/29/02 at 11:33 a.m.

Some of my friends and I are huge fans of the 80s lyric quizzes that used to float around the web.  They seem to have since stopped.  I mean the ones you print out and have to really think about - the 200 lines ones...

We started to make some up for each other to keep in the spirit and are now looking for others to join in the fun.  I want to start up a website that is dedicated to this kind of "downloadable" fun.  I am not a big fan of the ones you must do online or the multiple choice ones.

I have one that is just for hair bands, one that is similar genre to the originals but a bit harder...

If you are interested or have a quiz to contribute, I would be interested in trading quizzes and/or including you in my upcoming website (with your permission and a tagline of authorship, of course).  I hope to have it going within the next few weeks, certainly before the end of January 2003.

Please let me know.  I am afraid that this type of intellectual fun is dying and I don't want it to.


Subject: Re: New website of 80s lyric quizzes

Written By: spirit301 on 01/11/03 at 03:32 p.m.


I would be happy to contribute to your new website with 80's quizzes.  I make up my own 80's music quiz mp3's & CD's, but no-one I know is interested in hearing them.

Let me know when you need some trivia.

Spirit301 ;D