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Subject: So who is the ...

Written By: dishlegzit on 03/06/03 at 04:35 p.m.

So who is the Rare 80's video knowledge wizard? Night Flight Era????

Subject: Re: So who is the ...

Written By: perrylover on 03/06/03 at 08:24 p.m.

I had almost forgotten about Night Flight...I tuned in every week!!  Thanks for the reminder.

Subject: Re: So who is the ...

Written By: Katrinawitch on 03/07/03 at 09:32 a.m.

Well, I wouldn't call myself the guru, but I tried never to miss Night Flight.  What a cool show!  I always remember coming in late from wherever on a Friday night, and putting on the USA network.  Night Flight always had some strange theme or another.  My favorite was the cold war/nuclear retro 50's/60's themed show.

Subject: Re: So who is the ...

Written By: dishlegzit on 03/08/03 at 05:28 p.m.

Okay! here goes all.
There were two videos that I remember from the same artist. One was of a man (played by the singer) singing a ballad as he was dressing to go off to a futuristic war. Alot of cheap flying sparks type of missles.
The second video was a funny , high color, romp of a guy singing about being crazy in love. The Guy (the singer) was dressed in mis-matched Zoot suit ( plaid, loud colors) with greased back hair and a pencil thin painted moustach. The song was light and fun with a feel of a 50's song with an 80's tempo. As he chases the blonde bimbo type through the song the rest of his band makes appearances in time to do the Harmony. Queen is my favorite band and I guess the harmony is what attracted me to the song. I think the video ends in black and white as he wakes up on the curb back in the modern day shaking the cob webs out.
Money was tight back then, plus putting off buying the record caused me to get on with my life and later regret not buying the Album. I never heard the song on the radio. That was too bad, cause it was a good song.
Can any of you help?