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Subject: you guys!!!!

Written By: LauperFan on 03/11/03 at 10:21 p.m.

ahh...i have to be in a fashion show for my passion for fashion class...and you know me...little ms. 80's big hair and everything...ugh the stuff that is going to be yelled up at that stage..its going to be terrible..:(...NOT TO MENTION...tomorrow is blast from the past day up at my school...ugh...i can just hear it now...hey guys look she didnt even have to dress up ::)

i truely do hate this generation...

Subject: Re: you guys!!!!

Written By: Jose Ramos on 03/11/03 at 11:12 p.m.

This may sound corny,but be your self and tell them that in the future,the late '90's/2000's look will be a "retro theme" at schools.  About comments that will be made (also sounds corny), forget about them. Look at Kelly Osbourne (no offense), she doesn't give a s#^@ about what people think.
If you are confident about your style,why are you thinking about what others might say? Your friends will eventually fend you and rid some of the immature deliquents.There's a girl who was in my school (in 2002) who wore ripped jeans and didn't care about rude reactions from her peers. (I wasn't one of them)  

Picture yourself as a teen in the 1980's and one of your friends wore tie dye clothes & peace signs. ('60's fashion)
And she/he were to be part of a fashion show and in a couple of days...it's "retro day" at school.   :)

::)  O.K.

This reminds me of an episode of "Woops!" when the manicurist didn't like the pathologist making fun of her appearance and decided to improve herself. She decided
to dress up as a nun and visit the Convent San Tanco where she discovered she can fly. She flew so far into outer space and met two homeboys who gave her fahion tips. The manicurist went back to the patholigist as Sister Bertrille and gained respect from him.

Didn't make sense?  Well,if you (I hope you didn't) follow this message,you might screw up.

You have nothing to be ashamed of. Sorry,if I sounded corny.

Just show them how proud you are to ba an individual!

Do you really hate this generation?
(not that I like it)

Life is a drag.
BTW, some '80's fashion had came back in style. (in case you didn't know)


Subject: Re: you guys!!!!

Written By: Jose Ramos on 03/11/03 at 11:18 p.m.

fend you and rid some of the immature deliquents.
End Quote

In a pieceful manner. Like telling them to "back off".

Not to send a wrong message!  
Always solve problems in a nonviolent manner.

Subject: Re: you guys!!!!

Written By: LauperFan on 03/11/03 at 11:50 p.m.

nah none of that sounds corny...as for friends backing me up...em.. my friends haha i dont have many...and they have people talking behind thier own backs to even have a thought to defend me and i understand that...usually i dont care what people think of me...but i'm going to have to be the one getting up on stage and flaunting myself around hahaha... and they are all going to be yelling and carring on...it will not be a pleasant experience... oh yes i do hate this generation...i'm a music and fashion person...the music now-a-days sucks...there are few bands i like...one in which is my fave they came out in 1998-Orgy i'll be there fan for life haha...as for the fashion yeah a bit of the 80's thing is coming back...i hope it comes back more in the future which i dont doubt that it will because i know its coming back :)...

now i dont even know if i'm making sense!! :P

Subject: Re: you guys!!!!

Written By: LauperFan on 03/12/03 at 02:48 p.m.

today was suprisingly good!! no one gave me (PLEASE READ FORUM GUIDELINES, LP)..and i looked SO GOOD in that leather outfit 8)....7th hour...i walked in and she was like tina have you seen ms. hill?!! i was like no so shes like YOU GOTTA SEE HER! so she takes me to ms.hills room and she had

so me mrs. herkenrath and ms.hill were all freaking out on eachother...we are all big fans of the 80s oh my god it was so cool...and then i had to show dani after school so i ran to get dani and dragged her down to see ms. hill and we talked about banana clips...we had some of those not to long ago..hmm i think i might know where to get some too!! anyhow tomorrow im going after or before school to ms.hill to ask her how she did her hair...probably before school theres more time.. i swear...sometimes the teachers are cooler than the students haha that teacher just made my day

Subject: Re: you guys!!!!

Written By: Hairspray on 03/12/03 at 03:26 p.m.

I'm glad things went well for ya'. :)

In reference to your last couple of posts....

Do refrain from using profanity,...K.