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Subject: Humanication - Re-Flex

Written By: Frayo on 03/30/03 at 06:30 a.m.

I was wondering, has anyone seen or heard of this rare album?

It was the 2nd album released by a one-hit wonder. The album is exrtreamly rare and only a few promo copies exist. There was one single form the album released late in '84: How Much Longer? (B: True Lust) The album featured Sting on backup vocals. It was made in the time when Re-Flex toured with Sting *Vainly holds up concert pin in front of computer monitor*. The album was scheduled for a release 2-6-1985, the release was cancelled.

If nobody knows where it is, does anyone know where other people trying to find it are? Its been my main quest for so long now, its annoying. 2 years have gone in vain for searching for it.
Anyone happen to know which record company has the masters? ONe guy I spoke with over the phone said EMI had it, but Im not sure.

I want to find this album really really bad!  :-/

Subject: Re: Humanication - Re-Flex

Written By: Frayo on 03/31/03 at 06:09 p.m.

New News from One Way (for anyones who interested):::

Humanication has been located! I know that there is a cluster of people who are desperately searching for this album. It has been located----as always there is a catch....

Geographically, its in the UK, particularly in the of EMIs big vaults of music.
As far as releases go...
You can release it yourself, but you got to guarantee $20,000 in sales. If you dont, you got to pay the difference. Well anyways, if you dont really feel like releasing it yourself--just wait.

The record company that promoted this band in the 80s has been looking into a release of this album for the past 1.5 years.

Now in 2003 (maybe early 2004), there WILL be a release of both albums on a CD. (like they did with Matthew Wilder). If you like the band whatsoever, buy the CD when it comes out.

A certain someone (he knows who he is) has heard the singles from this album and told me that the song writing is much better than the first album. Singles from this album are hard to come by, for not even I posess them.

Peace out,
from the ambasador to Re-Flex fans