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Subject: '80's Video

Written By: Bob G. on 7/20/1998 at 11:22 a.m.

Attention '80's freaks- I'm looking for VHS copies of
vintage '80's TV commercials and movie trailers.
Anyone know where I can find these or who might
have them?

Go ahead...make my day!


Subject: Re: '80's Video

Written By: Diane on 7/29/1998 at 4:11 a.m.

Oh God...I would try to help you out here, but I'm flat broke till the end of summer (since I have to pay 1/2 of summer school and save up for books for next semester). :( But...just to let you know...my parents taped a lot of stuff in the '80s, and some of that stuff is chock-full of great classic commercials/movie trailers. Like, when they recorded "Saturday Night Fever" on ABC in 1983/1984, they left in the commercials, including a trailer for the movie "The Falcon and the Snowman". And I'm sure there are a lot of commercials/trailers in the videocassette that Mom recorded the full "Hollywood Wives" miniseries on (btw--I watched that--wasn't that the most melodramatic soapfest you've ever seen?). There are others--like there's a trailer for this movie Fred Dryer starred in (I remember seeing him in "Hunter"); I think it's called "Death Before Dishonor" or something like that. Damn--and I have to be flat broke now!!! So sorry--I'll try to scrimp up enough money to send you some dubs of those commercials, if you're interested! Just e-mail me! (p.s.: I can understand why you want those commercials/trailers--they're way more interesting than today's commercials--heck, a local company (Arrow Upholstery) still uses the same commercials they used in the mid '80s!)


Subject: Re: '80's Video

Written By: Mona on 7/21/1998 at 11:04 p.m.

I have about ten VHS tapes I made from about 1986
what exactly are you looking for?