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Subject: Rewind/Review

Written By: Dan Nero on 7/24/1998 at 12:10 p.m.

Well yesterday night was, well...best described as an incredible flashback to high school, thin ties, parachute pants and INCREDIBLE MUSIC!
The evening had a slow start with Howard Jones. Don't get me wrong I love Howard Jones and saw him a couple years ago in a small club and thought he was amazing.
Problem at the show last night: Most of what he did was acoustic and lots of new stuff that unless you have been following him since the 80's you didn't know. The set once again was mainly acoustic and was missing the sound he helped pioneer in the 80's. He was good but not great.
Next was The Human League.
They set the pace for the evening. There set up was very basic, White backdrop 3 keyboard setups a couple of microphones and some basic lighting.
From the very first note you were transported back, everything was electronic and synchopated. They sounded exactly like they do on record. I am still trying to figure out how the two girls have maintained their figures cuz they looked great. One of my favorite parts of their set was the guy with the hand held keyboard, you know the ones they held like guitars, what group in the 80's didn't have one. Like I said they sounded incredible and of course closed with Don't You Want Me Baby, well actually they didnt have to sing it the audience did a great job of that.
The Human League gave the audience what it came for and the applause they received made that very obvious.
Finally.....CULTURE CLUB.
Ohmigosh!!! We missed you Boy. The audience in a frenzy of excitement as they opened with Church of the Poisoned Mind. Boy dressed pretty non flamboyant with a signature hat that had dreadlocks hanging in the front. John, Roy, Craig and Boy sounded great. The music was incredible, Boy's voice was incredible even the backup singer (not the original woman who used to sing with them) sounded great. They covered every hit they had as well as a few lesser known songs...Victims, Everything I Own.
We also got to hear a new song off the upcoming album. Unfortunately their was not a great deal of interaction with the audience just a few small snippets here and there but they may have been a bit nervous being this was the first show they have done in years.
I am still getting goosebumps thinking about the show.
Culture Club did one encore of Karma Chameleon and called it a night.
The general consensus of everyone who attended was how great the show was and even more so of How much we all miss the 80's and were glad to be a part of that era.
If you have the chance do yourself a favor and go see
this Rewind Tour. You never know when this opportunity will arise again...possibly never.
Take Care,

Subject: Re: Rewind/Review

Written By: Lindsay on 7/27/1998 at 6:33 p.m.

Reading your message gave me chills!
I love Howard Jones, Human League, and of course Boy George!
The new woman who sings with them is a bit like Helen, their previous singer, but
she is great as well...How about her voice with George's on "That's the Way?"
I plan on getting tickets to see Culture Club in Nashville since I am in Kentucky and it is closer for
me to get there. The Storytellers concert is one not to be missed and I find myself watching it alot.
I read George's book, "Take it Like A Man" and I have figured it out: he is who he is, take him or leave him.
He is a big jokester, yet you can tell that music is his passion...His voice has definitely matured and
sounds as great as I remember. I am praying I can get tickets and splendor in this experience you were
so lucky to reach! I envy you..E-mail me at the provided address and tell me all about it!
Oh, did they perform "I Just Wanna Be Loved" and "Some Strange Voodoo?" Great new songs..