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Subject: Re: Seen the InSoc Recombinant 2 CD set.

Written By: Mike Connell on 2/13/2001 at 3:02 a.m.

Yeah check this out, the Set contains 2 CD's. One has 5 music vidoes

Peace and love Inc.
Walking away
What's on your mind

The other CD contains songs that were remade.

What's on your mind(CKB remix)
Closing in(Rosetta stone mix)
Peace and love Inc.(Biokraft mix)
Think(Spahn Ranch mix)
What's on your mind(Girl eats boy mix)
Walking away(Leather strip mix)
Going going gone(Razed in black mix)
What's on your mind(Remixed by Judson Leach & the Exhibition)
Empty(Astralasia mix)
Ending world(Electric hellfire club mix)
On the outside(THC mix)
What's on your mind(Remixed by David J of Love & Rockets)

Pretty cool stuff, Yup
Thank you.......

Subject: A bit strange...

Written By: Tarzan Boy on 2/14/2001 at 8:10 p.m.

...how InSoc evolved into a "Darkwave"-styled band - not that this is bad, but even the single remaining member of InSoc changed his name from Kurt Valaquen to Kurt Harland and went from the Tommy Boy label (a dance-oriented label) to the Cleopatra label (a Gothic label). A couple of months ago, I got the Don't Be Afraid CD (which has some media stuff that I've yet to see) and it is different than the days of Hack and their debut-self-titled-album. I still like InSoc music, though.

Tarzan Boy