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Subject: Band's and actors of the EIGHTIES

Written By: Sherrie Martin on 4/8/2001 at 10:25 p.m.

Don't you just love everything about the eighties. The films, the music, the hair(noy so sure about that one). I am only 15 and out of the 7 bands i have gone "Ga Ga" over 4 have been from the eighties. Bonjovi (you gotta love Richie. I went to see them in the last ever concert in wembley arena.) Duran Duran (you gotta love Andy. How many taylors were in that band. I also saw them in earls court in 99) Queen ( I love John Deacon. Unfortunatly i can never see them live. If Robbie Williams frionts Queen i'm gonna go mad.) Kajagoogoo ( Gotta love Limahl. I have met him. He was in a show in Fairfield halls and i went back stage and met him he' really nice I had a photo taken with him and OH MY GOD a kiss and hug.) I love all of thier music and wish pther people would apreciate their music too. Mathew Broderik in Ferris Buellers day off. Yummmmmmmmmy or what he so cute and you can tell how young he is he sound's like his voice has'nt even broken. John Cusac, Ilove the film Class he's really baby faced, well he still is sort of but he really is there. Bacholer party was a good film thr curly haired guy's are the best. Micheal.J.Fox oooohhhh soooooo cute . All of these actors are still around today so good luck for them in the future. I love alot of other eighties band's but i went mad on them. I could'nt eat because i just wanted to stare at picture's all day. I mean i like Wham, The Police, ABC, The Human League, culture club, The Cure(oh i love Robert Smith he's so different, Chakakan was cool and more. But then there was Depacne Mode and Spanduo ballet i hated them and i don't know why. well i love the eighties and god now's when i finish this i'll remember something else i loved and be like "DOH" well LOVE, PEACE AND RESPECT