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Subject: a-ha: Fan meeting in the U.S.

Written By: Lisa on 9/10/2001 at 12:26 p.m.

For all those a-ha fans out there in the U.S.... listen up!

Spread the word and let friends, family, and pets know that there is a meeting/convention specifically for us a-ha fans to be held in Las Vegas at the end of October.

We have had much success through cooperation of the band's official website, www.a-ha.com, in spreading the news, but we don't want to miss anyone!

We have over 130 people signed up to date for the a-ha fan meeting mail list. Fans from all over the U.S. and beyond have already confirmed their interest in attending this event. For more information on how you can attend, drop us an e-mail at: ahafanmeeting@aol.com

Please find below more details for this great event!

Lisa - ahafanmeeting@aol.com

Fan Meeting Details

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2001
Time: 6:00pm - 12:00am

The Event

Here are some things you can expect at the meeting:

*an Italian-style buffet dinner (with vegetarian options included) and cash bar.
*a dance floor and a-ha and solo project music playing throughout the night.
*each attendee will receive a t-shirt designed by a fellow fan specifically for the event.
*a collectables display area for items brought by fans, including tour programs and shirts, rare vinyl singles and LPs, books, etc.
*a projection screen with presentations featuring fan photos, trivia questions and contests, fan videos, and anything else we can get our hands on!
*an open fan jam session, for anyone who wants to show off their musical talents!

Meeting Mailing List

If fans are interested in participating in the meeting, they can sign up for our mailing list as well. This will enable us to contact people with all the exciting developments, and to receive feedback.

Here is how to sign up:

Go to:

At the bottom of the list description, there is a link for those who want to subscribe--click on that link, enter your e-mail address, and click "Subscribe"!

E-mail updates will be sent to the list members as often as details become available, and they will have the opportunity to share opinions about what kind of event we will have.

Fan Meeting Pre-Event at the Hard Rock Cafe!

On Friday, October 26 at 7pm, a group of early birds will be meeting at the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas for dinner. This dinner was organized as an extra event in addition to the main Fan Meeting on October 27th. Each person in our group will be responsible to pay for their own meal and drinks. We have reserved dining space for our group and have made special arrangements with the sales staff to have some pretty awesome promotions for our group! Check it out:

-There will be a re-vamped Hard Rock Café menu designed especially for our group.
-The bartenders are going to create a special beverage for our group, with a-ha as the "theme" (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)! This drink will be available throughout the weekend at a special price just for us.
-We will be allowed to post signs or posters in our section of the restaurant to let other diners know who we are and that we came to Vegas to PARTY!
-We have also arranged to have one of the band member's autographed guitar (currently in HRC storage collecting dust--the truth hurts sometimes!) shipped to the Vegas property so that we can all gaze in awe.

And last, but not least;

We have arranged to have at least four a-ha songs play while we are at the restaurant! These songs will be digitally programmed into their play list for the evening. Based on survey responses from a-ha.com, the four songs that will be played are The Sun Always Shines on TV, Minor Earth, Major Sky, I've been Losing You and Velvet. Up to 300 other people will hear these songs (patrons, wait staff, visitors, etc.)!! The wait staff will be informed of our event ahead of time and told about the a-ha songs, so that they can answer any questions they may be asked by other patrons.

Thanks again for your time! Hope to see you there...