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Subject: 80's Con...Are We Serious?

Written By: Dan Nero on 11/06/98 at 11:09 a.m.

This idea is very intriguing and it would probably take a group effort. I am willing to go online and chat if others are. I think initially we need a brainstorming (gosh, that term is so corporate america)session. Let me know guys. I can be as serious as the next guy about this, or I can dream and live out this thing in my head. I would prefer to tackle this thing though for real! It would be great to actually meet you guys as well.
Have a great day,

Subject: Re: 80's Con...Are We Serious?

Written By: Jack Day on 11/06/98 at 09:17 p.m.

80's con... sounds cool, I might even be able to anounce it on our show (though I'm not sure)... If nothing else I can tell anyone interested to head here. :) My main concerns would be where and when mainly cause Kelly and I are college students so were struggling to pay rent and come up with next semester's tuition :P. Aside from that, I'd love the idea.


Subject: Re: 80's Con...Are We Serious?

Written By: Retroraider on 11/06/98 at 09:25 p.m.

I would be more than willing to chat about the whole thing, though I don't know what all I could contribute. I guess we should wait for MDC to create the URL and go from there (?) Can't hurt talking about it anyway. It's quite a big plan, but it seems like already theres some pretty serious interest. Just maybe we can pull this off.