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Subject: This 80's Convention Thing is Coming Together

Written By: MDC on 11/07/98 at 10:16 p.m.

Okay... so everyone is getting psyched about this little '80's get-together, right???

Have spoken with the editor at Aquatulle magazine, and she's most excited, and is willing to be our first sponser... what exactly this entails, I haven't a clue, as I am flying by the seat of my pants here, as we all are!!!

So, are we in agreement that Cincinnati is a *fairly* ideal location for this event to be held??? And August 1, 99 sounds like a reasonable enough time to put this mega-event together???

Made some posts on other boards, and, with any luck, we will have some of the original SOLID GOLD DANCERS appearing at our little gathering... Admittedly, this isn't much, but its a start, right??? Going to talk to my good friend ANNION of the Official Kajagoogoo site, and see if we can get Kajagoogoo or Limahl to make an appearance... (where the heck will the money come from up-front is what I'd like to know....) WE ARE REALLY GOING TO NEED SOME BIG TIME SPONSORS TO BE WILLING TO PUT UP SOME MONEY!!!

It may take me a while before I have the URL for our convention site up, so please guys, bear with me, and please keep up the posts up with your ideas and suggestions, so we don't lose momentum!!!

Love ya'll....

Subject: Re: This 80's Convention Thing is Coming Together

Written By: mdwork on 11/08/98 at 05:33 p.m.

Cincinnati is a ok. If you need any logistical advise, perhaps I can help you as I am from Cincy.