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Subject: Breakfast cereals

Written By: Steve Hargrave on 12/11/98 at 01:05 p.m.

Hello everyone -

I was in the grocery store this week and saw some classic cereals on the endcaps that caught my eye: Count Chocula and Frankenberry! This started me thinking about all the breakfast cereals that have come and gone since I was a kid (I'm 32 now). I was never a big cereal eater growing up and rarely venture down the cereal aisle, so there are countless brand of cereals that I'm not even aware of, but I thought that this would be a good forum for people to talk about their favorites.

Does anyone remember a cereal from the 70' that I think was called "Red Baron" or a similar grape-flavored one that also featured a WWI fighter pilot on the box? Is "Booberry" still around? Anyone remember "Freakies"? Anyone remember the "Space Food Sticks"?

Moving on to the 80's, I remember most of the classics that are still around today, but was wondering if the following still exist: "King Vitamin", "Honeycomb", "Super Sugar Crisp", "Fruity Pebbles", "Cocoa Pebbles", "Cookie Crisp", and "Coco Wheats"? Please feel free to post your memories of breakfast cereals of your childhood and today.

Subject: Re: Breakfast cereals

Written By: Amy D. on 12/11/98 at 10:38 p.m.

I still eat most of the cereals you listed!! Boo-Berry, Cocoa Pebbles/Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Crisp, etc. I love cereal!!! One of my favorites growing up that isn't around anymore was "Quisp". Does anyone remember it? I think it was in a blue box??? They were little saucer-shaped pieces that tasted like Cap'n Crunch (my fav is Berry Crunch!!)

Subject: Re: Breakfast cereals

Written By: mdc on 12/12/98 at 08:50 a.m.

My fave cereals back when I was a kid in the '80's were "Quisp" (the box had a picture of an alien, called Quisp, who wore a propellor beanie), "Mt. T." (I pity the fools that never ate this baked pure cane sugar delight), and "Freakies" (I loved the theme song to this cereal in the commercials "We are the Freakies...) And we mustn't forget Smurfberry cereal!!! I used to save my little smurf friends and play with them before I ate them, pretending I was Gargamyl, the evil wizard...) Almost all of the cereals that you mentioned are still being produced today, including "King Vitamin", and "Honeycomb" ("Honeycomb's got big big taste, it's not small, no, no, no!") I also loved BooBerry, Frankenberry and Count Chocula, and I have a fond memory from my childhood associated with eating BooBerry cereal with my sister and sneezing several of the cereal bits through my nose.... Yikes, not while we're eating!!! Wow, I didn't realize how many memories a bowl of cereal could evoke!!!

Subject: Re: Breakfast cereals

Written By: mdwork on 12/14/98 at 07:44 a.m.

I saw King Vitamin in the store while grocery shopping (bought Crunch Berries by the way). It still has the same King Vitamin guy on the box that was on the commercials when I was a kid.

Subject: Re: Breakfast cereals

Written By: FARLEY HATCHER on 12/17/98 at 09:29 a.m.

OH NO, You've just gotten me started on CEREALS! I know you people must remember the following: "O.J.'s" It was orange juice cereal in the mid-80s; I still have a coupon for it.
"NERDS cereal"- like the candy,packaged in two bags in one box, the same way that "THE NINTENDO CEREAL SYSTEM" was packaged! (One side Super Mario, the other Zelda). More: "GHOSTBUSTERS", "C3POs", "BARBIE", "G.I.JOE". Remember "CRISPY CRITTERS", with that little mascot that said "Indubitibly delicious!"?
But the BEST CEREAL in the 80s, perhaps the best cereal EVER, was PAC-MAN cereal. Corn balls and colorful marshmallow ghosts and Pac-Mans. The ultimate!
How about cereal characters like the Alpha Bits dog, the Alpha Bits computer, and the CAP'N CRUNCH Soggies.
And what happened to the other Cinnamon Toast Crunch chefs?
In my opinion, the biggest cereal mistake of the 80s was when TRIX cereal was changed to fruit shapes. It seemed to have also lost it's taste. It happened shortly after the kids let TRIX rabbit eat some,(then they started over not letting him). Why wasn't there a New Coke-style backlash against that?