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Subject: the transformer

Written By: Viv on 06/02/04 at 8:42 am

can someone help me with this please...who was the lead singer for the Transformers?

Subject: Re: the transformer

Written By: pedestrianwolf on 06/02/04 at 12:48 pm

there was a band called the transformers?  i always thought that name was just for the cartoons and action figures.....

Subject: Re: the transformer

Written By: Purity Knight on 06/03/04 at 7:50 am
The Transformers  are a 3 piece rock/ ska/ punk band. The band started out with Tyler Panian and Drew Allsbrook writing songs in June of 1999. Tyler and Drew were juniors at Los Alamitos High School. Tyler had been playing guitar for over 5 years, and Drew had been playing bass for over 3 years. The drummer of the band was Dr. Rhythm (a drum machine). In August of 1999, Tyler and Drew recorded a demo tape of their recent songs with a sit-in drummer. In November of 1999, current drummer Nick Corotan entered the band. Nick had been playing drums for over 3 years and was a sophomore at the same school. They began building a fan base and playing many shows, including a headlining show of Chain Reaction, an all-ages show at the Westchester Grill in LA, Jonah's Cafe in Long Beach, a dance, a lunch-time school performance, and numerous local parties. The demo tapes sold quickly, inspiring them to produce and self-release their own CD. They have also manufactured our own stickers and buttons and are promoting their debut CD by playing an increasing number of shows, and pursuing radio play. The Transformers are influenced by bands like Mothermania, RxBandits, Primus, and Metallica, but also incorporate their own styles. The Transformers are here to stay.

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