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Subject: Anyone know what this 80's toy was called?

Written By: trumpman on 07/09/04 at 1:45 am

Does anyone remember that toy from the 80's that looked like a plastic chameleon or sometimes it was a frog that had a long sticky tongue that would stretch? The part you gripped in your hand was shaped and designed to look like a chameleon or a frog with its mouth open. From the mouth extended a long, round, rubbery and somewhat transluscent yellow tongue. You would use it like a whip and tongue would stretch several times its length and stick like crazy to anything it touched. Like the Wacky Wall Walkers, when it got dirty you would just clean it under the faucet to restore its stickiness.

Anyone remember what this was called?
Anyone know what it was made of? I keep thinking it was made of silicon but I could be wrong.

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