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Subject: Does anyone remember MUSICADE?

Written By: banglebabe on 07/11/04 at 6:28 pm

Back in the 80s, there was this cool memoriblia catalog called MUSICADE. You could basically get anything and everything on your favorite music group or singer. They had the rarest stuff and things that even diehard fans did not know existed from their favorite music groups. I ordered from them all the time. But in the 90's, I moved out on my own and couldn't afford to anymore. Then it just seems like they disappeared.

Does anyone know if they still exist and where you can order a catalog from? They used to be located in Torrence, CA back in the 80's. I'd be real interested in seeing what their selection consisted of these days and if it's still as good.

Subject: Re: Does anyone remember MUSICADE?

Written By: AnchorBay1986 on 07/23/04 at 7:46 pm

hi bangle babe , yes they were still in Minnesota somewhere as i found them 2 Years or so ago. They changed their name. i have the newer catalog somwhere  but will look for it when time allows. Then give you the contact info. 

Subject: Re: Does anyone remember MUSICADE?

Written By: none on 05/28/05 at 10:29 pm

I just picked up a copy of their 1988 catalog on VHS tape - Musicade "The Video".  It shows their entire inventory of over 4000 items on a 90 minute tape (T-shirts, their store, photos, posters, tapestries, back patches, back stage passes, patches, bigger patches, buttons, stickers, key chains, monkee stuff, interviews and cartoons).  Let me know if you are interested (or I could post it on e-bay).

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