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Subject: Earrings:)

Written By: Jessica Porter on 08/24/04 at 2:43 am

I just wanted to know, In the 80's, which ear did straight females wear the long earring in?? I know that for the guys it was left ear if you were straight, right ear if you were gay, but I've seen girls do it too but I can't remember which ear it was that straight girls wore the long earring in. If anyone can answer my question, I would be truly greatful:)

Subject: Re: Earrings:)

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 08/24/04 at 1:11 pm

For guys, legend had it, if you wore it the right ear you were gay, if you wore it in the left ear, you were a drug dealer.  So, I guess if you had them both pierced, you were a gay dealer!

I had my left ear pierced.  I wore an earing for a couple of years.  It was still a rather controversial statement in the '80s for a guy to wear an earring.  Now to make any heads turn at all you have to have both ears pierced several times, plus your eyebrows, your strernum, your nostril, your lips, your chin, your nipples, your....

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