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Subject: lookinf for chineses jacks

Written By: moneak323 on 09/07/04 at 4:16 pm

hi is there anybody know where i can find come Chinese jacks .i have been looking for about 4 years and still have no any body know a site or something.

Subject: Re: lookinf for chineses jacks

Written By: Nina on 09/19/04 at 10:26 am

Hi, go to and type in chinese jacks, you'll get several hits from which you can order them. My sister just ordered some, and now I have a question for you...we can't remember how to play. Do you by anychance remember how to play?

Subject: Re: looking for chineses jacks

Written By: Draven on 10/17/04 at 12:54 pm

LOVED the craze myself. I remember when the metallic version came out and the neon ones as well. To play the game first make five "jacks'' Make them as full as you can make them of course. Now, choose the one that is YOUR jack.
Drop all five of them on the floor except your jack. Now throw yours up in the air and grab a jack on the floor and catch your jack before it hits the ground. If you do this with all five then you throw them up in the air just high enough to catch them  with the tops of your hands put together.. generally in a V angle. then flip one time  from tops of closed hands to open palms closed. You keep doing this til your winner. I know its a brief explanation but I assure your reading of this will make you scream DOH!

Subject: Re: lookinf for chineses jacks

Written By: jd on 03/10/05 at 5:46 am

Go to for chinese jacks-they start at $2.00 a pak

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