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Subject: 80's questions

Written By: crybabygirl07 on 09/11/04 at 3:40 pm

Can somebody help me with questions about the 80's? If so, thanx. It would much be appreciated. Crybabygirl :)

Subject: Re: 80's questions

Written By: Dagwood on 09/11/04 at 7:45 pm

Throw some questions at us.  I bet someone will help you.

Subject: Re: 80's questions

Written By: crybabygirl07 on 09/18/04 at 9:28 pm

The problem is i need questions so please help me i know nothing! thanx

Subject: Re: 80's questions

Written By: kadie on 09/18/04 at 9:57 pm

I think what everyone wants to know is what kind of questions do you want? Like about music, shows, movies, exactly what kind. You should watch I LOVE THE 80'S and VH1 and then you would get some ideas for the questions with the answers.

Subject: Re: 80's questions

Written By: hysteric et vous on 09/18/04 at 10:39 pm

You could ask questions about Fashion, popular brands at the time that I loved were Ton sur Ton, Gasoline, Guess, ID# shirts, Hysteric et Vous sweaters and jackets, Farlow stretch jeans, cowboy boots etc.  There is a site here on the main page that lets you see what people wore, just take that info and make some questions.  For example: What was a popular type of button down shirt worn by teenage girls where the print was inside out? ID# shirts.
Also you could check out all the info about music on this web page and make up questions related to that.  Another thing is the brat pack of the 80's, you could write: Who were members of the 80's Brat pack? then list them, there is a separate thread related to that topic.  Then you could make up questions about the movies from the 80's, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and  Pretty in Pink all starred Molly Ringwald, make that into a question.  What popular teen movies were Molly Ringwald in?

You could also throw in some political questions from the time like who was President in the late 80's?  The year the AIDs crisis began was in the 80's not sure when though.

Basically if I were you, I would have a mix of these different aspects, 10 around clothing and fads, 10 related to music and movies, 5 related to politics and events, and another 5 related to tv shows.  I don't really feel comfortable making the questions up for you because you would be deprived of benefiting from an enrichening
experience, also it's kind of cheating.  But I could help direct you in a google search, 80's tv shows for tv.  This web page for music and movie info.  The home page here has an amazing resource for clothing and fads from the 80s.  And maybe you could ask your parents or other family members about some of the political events or newsworthy events, I think there may have been a thread about that here on this page too, a few pages back.  Good luck, it sounds like you have a fun teacher, enjoy your school year!

Subject: Re: 80's questions

Written By: crybabygirl07 on 09/19/04 at 9:08 am

Once again thank you for helping with ideas for questions. I appreciate it.

Subject: Re: 80's questions

Written By: hornet on 09/20/04 at 2:20 am

* waits for a final decision here on what its gonna be based on !  :-\\

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