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Subject: Real Name of Doll

Written By: adriennebethy on 09/15/04 at 12:21 am

Hi, I am looking for the real name of the doll that I have had since I was a little girl.  I call her "Amber" but I don't know what her actual name is.  Here's the rundown of info:
-Made in 1988 by Tiger Electronics
-Blonde Hair, In pigtails with bangs.
-Three buttons on her body, one on the front, one on the back, and one on the side under her left arm, all measuring about 1 inch in diameter.
- Had an off/on switch.  Every time you turn her on she would go through this thing with names and you got to choose your own name and your name for her from a list.  Dialogue went like this: "What's your name?  Adrienne, Alicia, Amanda, Amber, Amy, Angela, Anne, etc. (when she said your name, you pushed one of the buttons).  Hi, ___________!  What's my name? (same list of names). My name is _______.  My name is _________, please play with me.
- When you pushed the buttons, she would say a phrase from her programmed phrase that had either your name or her name in it.  "___________, Will you brush my hair (Pause).  Thanks." or "Let's play school.  You can be the teacher", etc. 
- After about 5 minutes of no button pushing, she would say something and go into a sort of "sleep" mode until you pushed one of the three buttons again.
- Cloth body surrounding a white plastic vocal box that was her torso.
- Hard Plastic arms and legs.
- Soft plastic head.
- Blinky eyes (like when you lay her down), but no moving lips.
- About 24 - 30 inches long.

Please please help me find out or direct me somewhere that I can find out the real name of my Amber doll.  :-\\

Subject: Re: Real Name of Doll

Written By: matdn on 01/17/05 at 11:55 pm

have you tried doing a search on google or yahoo for the makers name and contacting them?

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