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Subject: Finger pops?

Written By: nerd on 11/25/04 at 1:08 pm

My wife insists there was a toy when she was growing up (late 1970s or early 1980s) called "Fingerpops" (maybe two words) They came in blister packs of 5 or 6.  They were little cylinders of nerf- or styrofoam- tpye material and you would squeeze them inbetween your fingers and they would shoot off across the room.  They were NOT the Fingerblasters or other similar toys that had anelastic or rubber loop and you would shoot them like a rubberband.
Has anyone every heard of these or is my wife hallucinating?

Subject: Re: Finger pops?

Written By: Allie Fox on 11/28/04 at 10:18 pm

She is not imagining them!!!

My house was full of them when I was younger.

Subject: Re: Finger pops?

Written By: Mr. Morehead on 12/10/04 at 10:31 am

It's true.  When I was a young child, we also had a hours and hours of fun playing with our finger pops.  My sister and I used to shoot them back and forth at each other all the time.  Then we'd have contests to see who could shoot them the farthest.  And of course there was dixie cup target practice.  I know it seems silly, but it truly was fun.  Imagine trying to get today's kids to play with styrofoam that you bought at the store, then saying "Here kids!  It's a fun new toy!"  Wouldn't happen.  I also think that this low tech gadget and others similar to it are what helped me to develop a highly creative imagination.

Happy Holidays!

Subject: Re: Finger pops?

Written By: nerd on 12/30/04 at 2:10 pm

Is there any where to buy this product today??

Subject: Re: Finger pops?

Written By: MonkeyTaco on 12/30/04 at 2:44 pm

I'd try ebay... thats my answer to anyone looking for anything!

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