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Subject: 80s sci-horror flick - any ideas what it's called?

Written By: Zaose on 01/10/05 at 3:42 pm


Have been searching for the name of this movie for about 15 years! Ok here is all I recall:

It's about an outerspace visitor who comes to earth. He's not friendly. He kills people with this weapon that is something like a lightsaber from Star Wars, but smaller, held in one hand, and is double bladed like Darth Mauls in the newer SW movie... but it's blue or white, maybe about 2 feet long total - and he grabbed it directly in the middle.

I remember him either hitting some guy in the face with it and it flayed his cheek, or someone smacked it back into his own face for the same result.

I remember someone searching a cave (maybe where he hid)

I seem to remember him killing a cow too.... but that may be from other alien movies sneaking in there.

That's all I got :(

Any ideas?


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