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Subject: TV show question

Written By: vw69 on 02/09/05 at 11:31 pm

Does anyone remember the name of a children's program that used to have an artist narrating a story while he was drawing scenes from the story? the beginning use to start with a cartoon of a little(diver?) dropping down into the water and finding a treasure chest then opening it. I would really like to know.

Also does anyone know where to obtain a copy of a made for TV film from 1980 entitled, "Never Never Land"? It was a british film about a homeless boy who would write notes and leave them in a statue of Peter Pan in Kensington garden. An old woman used to collect them and reply.

I know these are a bit obscure, but hoping someone can help.

Oops..Does anyone also know where to find episodes of Nickelodeon's Pinwheel. I have about 3 hours from a guy off Ebay but would like more.

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