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Subject: Setting the record straight on Tiffany

Written By: george78 on 02/14/05 at 8:30 am

Many remember Tiffany as the 80s mall girl who sang cover songs.....there's more to this.

Tiffany did play shopping malls but it was BEFORE her first album was released. In the summer of '87, MCA Records had no idea how to market a teenagers album, so they came up with the mall tour to put Tiffany directly in front of her audience. As we all know, in the 80s the mall is where every teen in America hung out. What better way to market a teen's album. Finally in September, after the mall tour her album was released.

Tiffany did have 2 covers, it so happens that they were released as singles and became huge hits. So of course people are going to say, oh well all of her songs are covers then. What you guys should know is that Tiffany had a controlling manager who didn't let her make ANY decisions. Tiffany made attempts at songwriting, but were shut out by her manager. Not even Tiffany's parents could ease his iron fist. She later ended up firing him to regain some control, but it was too late to keep her career afloat.

People forget that Tiffany was one of the hottest female acts for a while. Her first album hit #1, sold over 6 million, had 3 Top Ten singles, 2 of which went to #1. Her second album climbed into the Top 20, went double platinum and had 2 Top 40 hits, one was "All This Time" that went Top Ten. She had 2 major world tours of arenas, not malls.

Sorry, didn't mean to go Tiffany overload, but just had to make it clear.

Subject: Re: Setting the record straight on Tiffany

Written By: Jennifer028 on 02/14/05 at 9:54 am

I liked her alot back then.  I actully bought her greatest hits cd a few years ago.  Reminds me of 7th grade  :)

Subject: Re: Setting the record straight on Tiffany

Written By: racer on 05/19/05 at 3:38 pm

Ahh, Tiffany. I used to dig her a lot. I burned her cd that she had like 2 years ago. It's actually really good!

I saw her in concert when I was like 10. My friends and I thought we were so cool.  8)  And NO, it wasn't at the mall. That was a huge misconception, people thought she only played at malls. I saw her at the old Poplar Creek Music Theater here in Illinois. The place sat like 20,000 people. People forget that Tiffany was HUGE back in the day.

Subject: Re: Setting the record straight on Tiffany

Written By: RockandRollFan on 05/19/05 at 4:37 pm

She was alright but I enjoyed Debbie Gibson so much more. It's cool that you shared that info on Tiffany though, thanks :)

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